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BlueStacks Software Download For Windows 10

This article is about BlueStacks Android Emulator. BlueStacks Android Emulator is a program for Windows and MAC PC which allows an individual to run Android apps within Windows and MAC OS. BlueStacks refers to a 3rd party software which enables you to use the android system on the Microsoft Windows as well as Apple’s MAC OS. This software is produced by a technology company from the United States of America. An individual cannot have the ability to play various mobile games or run different mobile apps in his or her computer without using BlueStacks. The BlueStacks is intended to change that by bringing the games into more platforms as well as opening up a mobile gaming world to many individuals. BlueStacks is being utilized by more than 200 million gamers across the world.



BlueStacks consists of an engine with high-speed emulation called LayerCake. The LayerCake comprises ARM to X86 interpreter which enables the running of apps and a hardware acceleration layer which helps to run even 3D Android games that are graphically intensive (Judge, 2013). Through LayerCake, the BlueStacks allows an individual to fluently run any Android app if he or she is using a decent computer. BlueStacks has a play store integration as well as a Google account which allows apps installation from 3rd party stores and through APKs. BlueStacks as well as features integration for apps of social networking such as Twitter and Facebook. The latest version of BlueStacks comes with an entire host of new features. The most interesting among these new features is multitasking with Android. Multitasking helps an individual to run multiple android apps within a tabbed interface. The latest version of BlueStacks also features brand-new Welcome as well as Android tabs that shows people the most popular apps being utilized around the globe and allows them to install them on their computers.

BlueStacks allows a person to play several apps or games which are designed for smartphones on standard desktop computers. Many gamers prefer playing their games on a real computer as opposed to a smartphone. BlueStacks gives people access to mobile-related games even if they don’t possess smartphones as long as they have access to computers. This introduces many individuals to the gaming community. Bluestacks is vastly used and loved by gamers all over the world.

Steps for Downloading BlueStacks on Windows

The following are the steps followed when downloading BlueStacks on Windows:

  1. An individual should open any web browser. For example Google Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.).
  • Go to the address bar and type “”. Then check for the “Enter” key on the keyboard and press it. Please note that the address should not have quotation marks.

Below is a screenshot for step one.


  1. Click on the Download BlueStacks button.


  • This will eventually lead you to the download page. Upon reaching the download page, you will be required to click on “Download”.
  • After the download has begun, you may either save the exe file in your PC’s downloads folder or even specify a custom location where you would like the downloaded file to be saved.
  • Upon the completion of the download, you can click on the BlueStacks installer exe file.

Steps for Downloading BlueStacks on MAC OS

There are some requirements an individual is required to fulfill in order to download BlueStacks on his or her Mac. For example, he or she needs to have Mas OS Sierra or higher with 4GB Random Access Memory as well as 4GB HDD disk space. Graphics drivers which are up to date from the manufacturers of graphics, as well as the latest App store updates, are required on an individual’s Mac. An individual may as well need the latest drivers for graphics from the website of graphics card manufacturer for his or her Mac. If an individual meets all these requirements, he or she can successfully download BlueStacks on his or her Mac with minimal instructions.

Below are the steps to be followed when downloading BlueStacks on MAC OS:

  1. Download a DMG file.
  2. Wait until the download is complete then click and install the app of BlueStacks.

In case you see a pop-up box showing “System Extensions Blocked” no need to panic.

  1. From the pop-up, open “Security Preferences”. You will be taken to “Security and Privacy Settings”.
  2. Click “Allow”. After clicking you will be able to start downloading BlueStacks on your MAC OS.
  3. Upon completing the download, you can run BlueStacks and begin downloading your favorite Android games as well as apps directly to your Mac.

BlueStacks Alternatives

There are several BlueStacks alternatives. They include the following:

  1. Andy Android Emulator.

It is among the best android emulators for PC. An individual can easily use it to run Android apps on his or her Windows or MAC OS.

  1. Droid4x Official

It is an amazing BlueStacks which allows a person to easily use an Android app on his or her PC. Droid4x software is free and easy to use. It works excellently if you happen to have a touchscreen PC or laptop. The screenshot below shows the interface of Droid4x software.


  1. GenyMotion

It is a powerful alternative BlueStacks app. It emulates all android games and apps for free on different android devices. It is free for all users. It as well supports advanced features like hardware acceleration and OpenGL.

  1. Nox App Player Windows 10 Download

It allows a person to install and run his or her favorite Android apps on his or her MAC OS or Windows. Nox supports a computer’s mouse, keyboard and gamepad thus helping a person to express his or her gaming experience on a PC.

Other BlueStacks alternatives are:


Judge, G. (2013). BlueStacks. Packt Publishing Ltd.

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Innov8: The First USB-Powered Desktop Hard Drive

Hey, folks. Here is yet another interesting and useful topic on my blog. Seagate is a great competitor in the field of storage solutions has introduced Innov8, a new external 8 TB hard drive and is the world’s first USB-powered desktop hard drive. The majority of electronics on the market require an external power supply to function thus increases the power outlets and expenses to cater for them.

innov8 hard drive

Costs as a result of the supply of more power outlets are gradually being reduced with the introduction of devices like an Innov8 drive that does not need a socket to function. Innov8 has strong design and trend-setting Ignition Boost Technology.

According to the drive maker, the massive 8TB drive is connected to a computer via a single USB Type-C connector hence no need to hunt for an electrical socket to power the drive. This is enhanced by Ignition Boost together with USB 3.1 which enables Innov8 to access power directly from a PC without requiring an adapter.

It also cuts down on the number of cables you will need to transfer and manage since it only requires a single USB cable. Recent advancements in tech in USB 3.1 technology are looking forward to having one connection-type for everything and Innov8 is an example.

According to Seagate technology the drive can accommodate colossal volumes of data such as songs, photos and movies. Innov8 possess Seagate’s Dashboard software which offers options such as backups of connected devices, access and sharing of files from any device or location. An advantage is theInnov8 drive is that it comes with 200GB of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage to cater for data storage that you may need.

The innov8 drive is designed by Seagate Technology in partnership with design firm Hugh-Design, a firm with influential consumer electronics brands such as HP, Nike, and GoPro. The principal purpose of a partnership between Seagate Technology and Hugh-Design was creating an extreme design to exploit their capabilities. This drive has a well-balanced aluminium casing, and its design means users can vertically or horizontally place it on a desk as they wish.

The price of Innov8 is $349 and relatively cheap considering the endless space to store data. Innov8 is available on Amazon, and other premium resellers.

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HTC Vive VR Headset Design and Specifications You Must Know

The HTC Vive has brought about a breakaway in the Virtual Reality (VR) experience in current times. It is priced slightly more than the Oculus Rift but gives you more stuff in return of the price. The HTC Vive brings two controllers, the Lighthouse base stations as well as the copies of games like Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives and Fantastic Contraption.

HTC Vive VR Headset



The new design of the HTC Vive is smaller in size making is more comfortable for the users to wear it with swappable foam and an adjustable strap to ensure proper fitting. On top of that, you can use it with your glasses on. It has a better head strap and motors making it more user-friendly.

The most dominant feature is its aptness to connect to iPhones as well as Android phones to send notifications when you are in VR. It is called VR Phone Services which is a step towards dealing with the criticisms of VR about getting disconnected with the real world. Like the camera, it helps people to be in VR games while also available with the real world.


The HTC Vive has a display of 1080X1200 with two screens, one designed for each eye. Its pixel density eliminates the screen door effect making it a more comfortable experience. In sum, it gives a resolution of 2160X1200 pixels resulting in images that look more realistic.

It has a screen that runs at 90Hz which is equivalent to Oculus Rift but still a little less than Sony Playstation VR. It also has a front-facing camera creating assimilation between the real world and the virtual.

Motion Tracking

The gyro sensor, accelerometer and a laser position sensor in the headset help in tracking the position of your head. In HTC Vive, unlike Samsung Gear and Sony Playstation VR to some extent, your PC does the graphical heavy lifting. This has an advantage of keeping the headset light and comfortable.

It has 70 sensors in total with two wireless infrared lighthouse cameras that can be placed in two corners of your room allowing you to move freely and get a feeling of space exploration.

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The Latest Android App for Films – Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a TV Shows streaming program. It’s a tremendously popular program that enables one to view and get high-quality movies and shows online. Now you can watch them on HTC Vice VR Headset or any other one Virtually. Thus, we’ve honoured a comprehensive guide on this blog to get Amazon Prime program. Also, you will receive detailed procedures to install the app on your mobile.

What have you been looking forward to, only follow this post install on your device and access all the most recent stuff in your gadget with a single faucet?

Amazon Prime Video App

Latest Android App for Films – Amazon Prime Video

We’ve arranged the various variants of this application below. Most users have reported having a problem with a particular one. When all the APK’s file tries, you will discover the finest compatible version on your own. We’ve attempted every possible means to provide latest APK of the app to you. Here is where we got the Amazon Prime app download, and from that source, we’ve given this.

Oh wait, we’ve also covered it in this post if you’re unaware of getting the Amazon Prime application. We’ve directed you with every single measure to install this program. Follow to get the present copy that is published. You can find the apks according to current release dates.

Amazon Prime Video was established with the reason for providing users with all the amusement and it was afterwards introduced in the Play store. That brought so much popularity to the app. Recently released films, all the timeless films, TV shows can be found in this one. Along with enabling users to view various sorts of content, it additionally allows you to see films in your device.

Must Checkout – Innov8 is The Best Hard Drive from Seagate

Even, Amazon Prime Video is a remarkably popular program for Android users. There’s another program called Netflix which can be popular has all the same characteristics and additionally more film database than Amazon Prime Video although it is not yet established for the Android, we’ll discuss on that subject in another post. And the best part is it’s easily available to you through its website and app.