Innov8: The First USB-Powered Desktop Hard Drive

Hey, folks. Here is yet another interesting and useful topic on my blog. Seagate is a great competitor in the field of storage solutions has introduced Innov8, a new external 8 TB hard drive and is the world’s first USB-powered desktop hard drive. The majority of electronics on the market require an external power supply to function thus increases the power outlets and expenses to cater for them.

innov8 hard drive

Costs as a result of the supply of more power outlets are gradually being reduced with the introduction of devices like an Innov8 drive that does not need a socket to function. Innov8 has strong design and trend-setting Ignition Boost Technology.

According to the drive maker, the massive 8TB drive is connected to a computer via a single USB Type-C connector hence no need to hunt for an electrical socket to power the drive. This is enhanced by Ignition Boost together with USB 3.1 which enables Innov8 to access power directly from a PC without requiring an adapter.

It also cuts down on the number of cables you will need to transfer and manage since it only requires a single USB cable. Recent advancements in tech in USB 3.1 technology are looking forward to having one connection-type for everything and Innov8 is an example.

According to Seagate technology the drive can accommodate colossal volumes of data such as songs, photos and movies. Innov8 possess Seagate’s Dashboard software which offers options such as backups of connected devices, access and sharing of files from any device or location. An advantage is theInnov8 drive is that it comes with 200GB of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage to cater for data storage that you may need.

The innov8 drive is designed by Seagate Technology in partnership with design firm Hugh-Design, a firm with influential consumer electronics brands such as HP, Nike, and GoPro. The principal purpose of a partnership between Seagate Technology and Hugh-Design was creating an extreme design to exploit their capabilities. This drive has a well-balanced aluminium casing, and its design means users can vertically or horizontally place it on a desk as they wish.

The price of Innov8 is $349 and relatively cheap considering the endless space to store data. Innov8 is available on Amazon, and other premium resellers.